Thinking of worshipping at Trinity?

Our services are Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. in our building at 137 Main Street, Montpelier (to the left of the Library). Before the worship service, you are invited to relax in the sanctuary, either in quiet preparation for the service or in conversation with those around you. We trust that God can speak in chaos and silence and everywhere in between.

“There is no dress code”

There is no dress code-- spoken or unspoken-- for worship at Trinity, and you should see a diverse group of people whenever you stop by the church. We invite you to come exactly as you are: single, partnered, with or without kids, young or young at heart, poor or poor in spirit. We believe God meets us where we are and invites us to begin, belong, and become together, and we hope you’ll feel welcomed as a part of our community.

What should you expect?

You can enter the church through the front doors on Main Street, or you may park in the lot behind the building and enter through the rear doors. The wheelchair access ramp is located at the rear door.

Once inside, folks will greet you at either door, and you can relax in the Fellowship Hall before the service, or take some time in the sanctuary to place yourself in a spirit of worship.

Shortly before 10, we gather upstairs and begin greeting one another, and sharing opportunities for getting involved. Our hour-long service is relatively relaxed and features praise songs, hymns, and choral music, prayers and scripture readings, sermon, and visual presentation.

As we enter the church, youngsters are invited to the nursery, staffed at all times by at least two volunteers from the congregation, and older children may go to Sunday School classes downstairs, or stay and participate in the worship service. Our programs for children and youth are continuing to grow.

On the first Sunday of each month, we celebrate Communion (the Lord’s Supper) together. There are no requirements for participation in this encounter with God. All are invited to share in the bread and juice as we seek God together. We serve Communion with grape juice rather than wine, and we have both bread and a gluten-free alternative available so that all may come to the table.

Right around 11, our worship will conclude, and you are invited back to the Fellowship Hall for refreshments, coffee, and time together. Folks then take their leave, but the service of the church carries on all week through studies and programs.

If you have any other questions or would like to talk with the pastor directly, please don’t hesitate to contact the office by phone or email.

Office Phone: 802)229-9158
​Office Email:

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